CSP was founded in 2008 as a brand of O.M.Costa, a company specialized in mechanical constructions and CNC machining with 20 years of experience behind it.

Collaborations with teams and technicians in the offroad sector lead us to create our catalog of special parts, developing a range of products that satisfy Trial, Enduro and Motocross enthusiasts.


The development of CSP products takes place thanks to constant research and analysis work with mechanics and pilots of national and international level: starting from their needs and requests we can in fact design components capable of improving the performance and solidity of the "vital" parts of the motorcycle, as well as the safety of the rider.

We make prototypes which the pilots rigorously test to guarantee very high quality standards. At the end of the testing phase, also taking care of the aesthetic aspect, the final product is defined and is then put on the market through a large global distribution network.


In our factory we create and build our special parts with traditional and numerical control machine tools.
We use advanced manufacturing techniques and follow high quality production processes to guarantee our customers high-level products.

At the end of production, our special parts are prepared for distribution with accurate packaging, assembly instructions, information on the materials used and the work performed on them.

CSP - Costa Special Parts a brand of O.M.Costa di Costa Giovanni & C. SNC - frazione Cervarolo - 13019 Varallo (VC) - Italy - info@costaspecialparts.it - P.IVA 02607580020